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in the bay area. and now we turn to lawrence karnow in the kpix 5 weather center with the unseasonably warm temperatures for the beginning of may, lawrence. >> yeah. boy, these temperatures really soaring around the bay area now, michelle. outside, well, we have a heat advisory in effect for most of the bay area away from the immediate coastline. these temperatures expected to soar in the 80s and low 90s. maybe even some mid-90s inland so you want to check on the kids, pets and elderly, those who are susceptible to hot temperatures that we're expecting this afternoon. and it's expected to soar outside. right now it is 83 degrees in livermore. even 81 degrees in pacifica. 85 in fremont. and 84 degrees in vallejo. these numbers are running well above the average. usually we're look at 60s and 70s. today we're going to be 15 to almost 20 degrees above the average. we'll have more weather coming up in a few minutes. back to you. >> thank you. >>> well, there are some people who are not used to hot weather and they are trying to cope any way they can. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran with more on
on the firefight. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec tells us a fire has ravaged large sections of wine country and high winds are only making the problem worse. >> reporter: the smoke is very thick in the air right now here in knights valley and the winds were so strong overnight, it carried it up to 60 miles away. it's an early start to this year's fire season, and this home among its first victims. >> we're watching our house with the flames going up to it. >> reporter: he and his wife have lived here for 19 years. overnight, an oak tree was blown over by the wind taking down a power pole which started a fire that spread to their home. >> nobody was here. the winds blowing so hard -- [ crying ] >> it's an experience that no one should have to go through. >> reporter: nearby in knights valley, two fires burned to combine 200 acres by morning. they started at around 1 a.m. and the firefight continues this afternoon. resources are still being gathered from around the state. cal fire wasn't fully ramped up for wildfire season yet. >> we are in the process of training our seasonal firefighters this week.
>>> this is kpix5 news on the cw. >>> exploding farm equipment and toxic pesticides burning in a massive wild fire. a late surge forces more evacuations and closes a major highway. >> i'm elizabeth cook. parts of california are a blaze tonight. strong winds are whipping up huge wild fires all over the state. blackening thousands of acres and shutting down parts of the highway. cbs reporter is in venturea county where one fire burned 10 square miles and threatening thousands of homes. teresa. >> reporter: good evening, liz. you can see the springs fire, because that late surge did make the flames go all the way to the pacific coast highway. this forced the closure. more evacuations, and clearly, you can see some of the damage this fire did. we're at an rv storage lot. these are some of the shelves of those recreational vehicles that are left. and in total, 2,000 homes have been threatened. so far, none destroyed. firefighters lit backfires in a last line of defense that flames approach to southern california neighborhood. winds up to 47 miles an hour whipped the blaze in v
the resources necessary to implement the security they would like. kpix 5 phil matier on what can still be done. phil. >> that's right, they had a meeting down in san mateo today, and school officials, law enforcement officials psychologists, even a congresswoman was in attendance because this is an issue that's very close to home down there. >> reporter: it was almost 4 years ago that then 18-year-old alexander stormed into the high school in san mateo wielding a chain saw, a samurai sword and ten pipe bombs. jeff gilbert was one who helped tackle and hold him down until police arrived preventing what could have been a l high school tragedy. >> we were fortunate to avoid serious violence. >> reporter: four years later. >> walke talkes in every classroom, we've done a lot of that in terms of security have you added cameras, guards or anything like that. >> not guards. we have security cameras, which act as a deterrent. the students know they are there, and they know we see things that happen. happen. we don't have security additional like a school resource officer at this time. >> reporter: one
notarangelo, kpix 5. >> parents should keep an extra close eye on their kids' attendance during those transition years, specifically sixth ninth grades. educators say those years are critical, often predicting long- term success or failure. >>> they are expecting a big turnout for an 8-year-old girl killed in her home. kpix 5's mark sere joins us live with news on a suspect that's caught the attention of investigators. mark. >> reporter: yeah. this is the latest break news on this. a suspect has been arrested but not necessarily related to this specific case. passerville is about 60 miles away from where we are. 44-year-old jason rennon. he was arrested this morning for attempting to kidnap a 15 year girl. now they are asking placerville counterparts to take dna from this man to see if there is a link between this person arrested and the crime. all of this is occurring as this community prepares to hold a memorial service for the 8- year-old fowler. at this elementary school, parents stream in to pick up their children after school. the only hint that this is something other than an o
looking forked evidence. kpix 5's ann notarangelo is there where police and residents on alert. >> reporter: and elizabeth, people here are shook. this is a community where they don't lock their doors, close their windows and now they learn a young girl has been murdered inside her own home. life is not normal in valley springs. sheriff's deputies watch as children are dropped off at the elementary school, where leila fowler was a 3rd grader. she was a great student who was always smiling. today a crisis response team is at school. >> we're seeing students that are fearful. we're seeing students that are sad. >> reporter: investigators are still working out of their command post where they say the 8-year-old was stabbed to death saturday around noon. her 12-year-old brother found her after reportedly seeing a stranger leave the home. the two were home alone. the coroner's office told kpix 5 leila died from shock and hemorrhage due to multiple stab wounds. >> i cannot believe it. i don't understand it. >> reporter: parents are clutching their students tight and so are grandmothe
. kpix5's linda ye says the feds are now taking action. >>reporter: they are poor, mentally-ill patients, given one-way greyhound bus tickets, taken from their psychiatric hospital in las vegas and dumped in cities around the country, including san francisco. federal authorities found rawlins neil psychiatric hospital out of compliance. in a warning letter today, action has started to terminate the facility's medicare provider agreement unless the hospital fixes its problems. loses medicare will hurt the hospital's major source of income. san francisco city attorney launched an investigation earlier this week when it was revealed at least three dozen of those patients ended up here. >> i'm gratified that the federal government has stepped in to at least provide some additional oversight. >>reporter: it was a sacramento bee investigation that revealed the patient dumping. in one case, 48-year-old james brown was given a bus ticket, three days of medication for his schizophrenia and depression, snacks and instructions to call 911 when he arrived in sacramento. in the days sibs this was re
runoff. kpix 5 reporter mark sayre on why the state is running dry. mark. >> reporter: well, elizabeth, behind me is lexington reservoir on 17 south of los gatos. it's currently less than half of capacity. don't count on snowfall in the sierra to help the bay area's water woes. miss taylor waters her grass with a garden hose and says the lack of rain this past winter is a big concern. >> like if the water will ever be enough for us for like, you know, for the continuous years in the future or is it going to be like an issue? >> reporter: the lack of rain and snow is also a big concern for the state's water managers. these photos provided by the california department of water resources showed today's final snowpack measurement. as you can see, there's no snow at all on the ground, only on the highest mountain summits with the sierra snowpack at just 17% of normal. the state and federal governments will not be able to deliver all of the water being requested by local agency. -- bee requested by local agencies. >> santa clara county gets 55% of its water from imported water sources. >> re
karnow joins us from the kpix 5 weather center and shows us the hottest areas right now. it feels like in the studio almost. >> it is heating up again around the bay area. we are also noticing changes. over the bay seeing a little bit of a sea breeze beginning to kick in. that's a sign of some cooler weather coming our way. but still going to stay hot inland. these temperatures already soaring to 81 degrees right now in concord, 84 in livermore, 76 degrees right now in san francisco. 84 in san jose. usually these temperatures -- well, yesterday in the 80s and the 90s. we usually are in the 70s this time of year so well above average. but beginning to cool down, down about 9 degrees. about 79 for a high in san francisco. much cooler weather is on the way, maybe some rain, too. we'll have more on that coming up. back to you. >> thank you. >>> an upbeat jobs report started a major rally on wall street today. the dow jones industrial average made history crossing the 15,000 mark for the first time ever. kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks explains the economy is heading in the rig
fires that came together north of calistoga. that's where kpix 5's ann notarangelo is for us tonight. >> reporter: allen, i can tell you this wind is not letting up at all. we are getting a lot of powerful gusts of wind periodically and we think it's going to cause a problem for firefighters throughout the night. but from our vantage point here on the ridge if you we look down in the valley at the yellow fire, we can see that the firefighters are making some progress. we are no longer seeing the flames moving towards the vineyard and there's considerably less smoke. >> our fuel conditions are ahead of normal. our fire activity is ahead of normal. our staffing is also ahead of normal. >> reporter: cal fire says it was prepared for the five fires that spring training up overnight in sonoma -- sprang up overnight in sonoma and napa counties. they have been watching the forecast and knew they might be busy. >> we staffed additional engines and dozers. we staffed additional hand crews. >> reporter: and they are getting help from surrounding fire departments as far away as alameda county.
of it as a blue blooded sport, the event will be a boost for the city's unemployed. kpix 5 anne makovec was in san francisco today where lots of people turned up loping to sail away with job. >> reporter: among the dozens of people filling out job applications today we found debbie anderson. >> my big skill is people communications, i've dealt with multimillion dollar deals for years. >> reporter: after the new america's cup pavilion. >> as a woman that came from high -- high yield income it's difficult finding a job. >> reporter: she used to represent a fruit company making international deals. the jobs available here? ticket takers and maintenance workers. and every time she goes for an interview, she hears the same thing. >> you almost seem overqualified. >> yeah i'm very overqualified actually. >> reporter: but a job is a job. carl gordon knows that. he's already got two of them. >> my current job is part-time -- 3 # hours a week and i also work from home doing business development on my own. >> reporter: he's looking for a third in a job market that's still proving difficult five years after
. >> this is kpix 5 news. >> out of control. more than 8,000 acres have all ready burned and tonight this huge wildfire in southern california is exploding. good evening i'm elizabeth cook. >> we'll have a live report in a moment. but right now let's get over to paul and find out just how got around here today and a major change on the way. >>> today the hottest day of the month. half-moon bay, right at the coastline. 87 degrees today. low 90s. morgan hill, mountain view. a new record in oakland, concord, hayward. new record set downtown. upper 80s in the city. redwood city, 92. low 90s for petanuma and sonoma. for the entire state of california raising the fire danger. christin ayers is live. >> reporter: yeah that's right, paul. blame it on lack of rain as you know. these dry conditions that you see out here fueling fires throughout the bay area. doctors are saying it could be hazardous to your health. from wine country to tahema county. wind driven wildfires are surging throughout the state. a heavy haze over the valley. >> my lungs close up. it's hard to breathe. >> r
be popping champagne later tonight. we'll find out. live from santa clara, i'm ken bastida, kpix 5. >> keeping those fingers crossed. all right, ken, thank you. >>> the other big story, new evacuations tonight as flames threaten more neighborhoods in southern california. a wildfire is raging in ventura county. and now dozens of bay area firefighters are on their way to help fight the flames. >> in southern california, fire crews are dealing with some staggering numbers. 90-degree temperatures and 50- mile-per-hour winds. in fact those winds have pushed the 10,000-acre springs fire all the way to the pacific where it's threatening thousands of homes. cbs reporter teresa garcia has the latest from ventura county. >> reporter: good evening. there's been quite a change here tonight. you know, the firefighters were really hoping for a break in the santa ana winds and it happened. but instead of just dying down, they did an about-face shift. you can see in these coastal canyons here, you see hot spots, you see the big flames coming in, what's happening is all ripping and pushing back inl
. but kpix 5's kpix 5's da lin found out it may be too little too late. [ yelling and cursing ] >> reporter: a parent gave kpix 5 this cell phone video. it shows a fight between a substitute teacher and a student at alliance academy. surrounded by fences, this is one of the toughest middle schools in east oakland. with only 360 students, ages 10 to 13, already this year 5 expulsions and 13 police visits. a parent calls it -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: out of a total of 13 teachers at alliance this year, 10 are new. the turnover rate is much higher here than the district average of 14%. >> this is a high needs school. when i'm here, i feel like i owe them 150% every time i'm here. and as a result of that, i feel like i have burnt-out. i have treated this like a sprint and not a marathon. >> reporter: in fact, two of the three teachers i interviewed will leave oakland after the school year. the third teacher is on the fenc the district is well aware of the problem. >> you get in a cycle where you're constantly placing new teachers. those teachers leave after a couple of years. and it crea
in the bay area. brian hackney joining us with more in the kpix5 weather center. changes in our forecast too, brian? >> that's right. the good news the extended forecast things will cool down around the bay area but we have fire weather to contend with up in the north bay in the hills of the north bay where winds will be gusting as high as 50 miles an hour between now and 3:00 in the afternoon the winds especially pick up around 10. the sustained winds from 10-25 miles an more but those higher gusts are possible, northeast early directions, very dry directions, humidities with this will be low down to 10-20% so that threat continues and it's very real today through this afternoon, and then something completely different as we head into sunday and the beginning of the week. we'll have the weather forecast with all the change details coming up in a few minutes, ann. >> thanks brian. >>> well get ready to play football. super bowl football possibly here in the bay area. this florida lobbyist reaction we're about to show you says it all. a guy on the left lawmakers fumbled miami's bid for the bi
on may 8th. on treasure island, kpix5. >> the bay area toll authority has still not decided how to fix the bridge compromised by the broken bolts. that decision will likely be made on may 8th. >>> federal budget cuts known as sequester has people looking at terror targets in san francisco bay. including the golden gate and bay bridges and the intake vents for b.a.r.t. crews are concentrating right now on search and rescue missions. >>> budget cuts are about to hit thousands of people in california. starting today they will see their unemployment benefits cut to 18%. only to federal benefits that kick in after someone oozed -- used up to 26 weeks of state benefits. max of $450 it will cut it $75. >>> a tragedy is unfolding. an 8-year-old girl was found stabbed to death in her valley springs home. the police have a couple of witnesses and the search is on for her killer. as cbs reporter tells us the girl's brother is not being ruled out as a suspect. rob? >> reporter: this really is a rural area. many families describing it they leave their doors unlocked at night. yesterday evening, q
>>> this is kpix 5 news. >> good afternoon, everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> hi , everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. a man hunt is in 4th day of killer of an 8 year old girl. there's now a memorial of stuffed animals outside leila fowler's home. it appears an intruder intented to attack her. and investigators are still trying to determine the suspect's identity. the house is still a crime scene and parents around town say they are keeping their kids at home. elissa harrington gives us an update. >> reporter: a pink bicycle and toys sit in the front yard where 8 year old leila fowler was killed. surrounding the mailbox, stuffed animals and purple ribbons. the house secured with police tape. it's still a crime scene. four days since leila was stabbed to death. and the police still have not made an arrest. >> it's been very scary, you know. we still don't have a suspect. >> you hear the stuff on the news, the different parts of the country and when it's in your own neighborhood, it's close to home and it's an eye opener. >> dropped his son off where leila was a third grader. >> we ke
are burning in the knight's valley area west of calistoga and 150 acres are charred there. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is in yountville with some new information about the morning's wind driven fire. she joins us with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we have seen some very heavy wind gusts in north bay. i'm in yountville which is in napa county. let me break it down. we have four fires burning technically but we are going to combine them into two separate fires right now. that's what cal fire is doing. the yellow fire and the silverado fire. you're looking at the silverado fire right there that is near yountville about two miles from where i'm standing right now. silverado trail. 50 acres burning, 40% contained. they had bulldozers creating breaks around that fire all night and engines standing by. a barn burned. the damage there is estimated at about 200 thousand dollars and they are expecting full contain -- $200,000 and they are expecting full containment by 8 a.m. now to the three fires combined now at highway 128 and yellowjacket ranch road burning near knight's valley,
dropped the toddler about 50 feet away after the mother started yelling. kpix 5 reporter don knapp is in pittsburg with a look at the sketch of the suspect. don? >> reporter: that's right ann. neighbors by the way tell us that they haven't seen many children out of doors today. not in their front yards or not even in the community park here at california seasons. it's a testament to the kind of fear that envelops a neighborhood when parents learn of an attempted child abduction. chaldaic duction friday an -- child abduction friday afternoon, police have continued searches nonstop for the would be kidnapper. he is believed to have attempted to steal a 2-year-old by grabbing her and running off with her. the child was in the front yard in the california seasons development near rain drop circle and snow flake way. >> mom gave chase and fortunately the person dropped the child and unfortunately escaped but at least they did leave the child behind. >> reporter: police say when the mother yelled the startled abductor dropped the child into bushes. the child was upset but not hurt. polic
. the suspect dropped the child a few feet away and then took off. kpix 5 reporter don knapp tells us police have been searching for the suspect ever since. >> reporter: since the attempt child abduction early friday afternoon, police have continued searching nonstop for the would be kidnapper. and parents have been holding their children close. neighbors told kpix 5 they saw few children playing in yds. or the nearby community park. the man they're looking for is believe today have attempt today steal a 2-year-old by grabbing her and running off with her. the child was in the front yard of a home with her mother here in the california seasons development near rain drop circle and snow flake way. >> mom gave chase and fortunately the person dropped the child and unfortunately escaped but at least they did leave the child behind. >> reporter: police say that when the mother yelled the startled abductor dropped the child into bushes. the child was upset but not hurt: police are handing out copies of the accept of the suspect -- sketch of the suspect. he's a 30-year-old white man with blond ha
. kpix 5 reporter mark sayre on why california is running dry. >>> reporter: well, elizabeth, this is lexington reservoir which is just off highway 17 just south of los gatos. you can see from this the ring around here the impact of this dry winter, this lexington reservoir only at less than half capacity. and do not count on snowfall in the sierra to help the bay area's water woes. >>> reporter: she waters her grass with a garden hose and says the lack of rain this past winter is a big concern. >> like if the water will ever be enough for us for like, you know, for the continuous years in the future or is it going to be like an issue? >> reporter: the lack of rain and snow is also a big concern for the state's water managers. these photos provided by the california department of water resources showed today's final snowpack measurement. as you can see, there's no snow at all on the ground, only on highest mountain summited, with the sierra snowpack at just 17% of normal. the state and federal governments won't be able to deliver all of the water being requested by local agen
you'll see only on kpix 5. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. all stopped here at the shopping center. this is where the suspect met the woman who walked away alive and a hero. 30-year-old jeffly boise car jacked a station wagon at gunpoint before making his way to the shopping center. his mother told police he was on his way to the russian consulate claiming he wanted asylum. he was a boston bombing sympathizer. but he came to this shopping center with the intent of taking her car. the brave woman tried to talk him down as she made a plea for someone to call 911. >>> when he heard the sirens, he said you shouldn't have done that. he said i'm going to take you out. i said what would that prove? he said i'm going to die anyway. and earlier might as well go out with a bang right? >> told kpix 5 he said he already quote took someone out the day before. a source close says he is wanted for murder in oregon. oregon state police are not commenting. as for how this whole thing ended, police say he got spooked by the sirens and tried to runaway. police were able to catch up with him. r
punted away its chance a short time ago. kpix 5 reporter mark sayre in santa clara where bay area super bowl watchers are waiting for the final whistle. >> reporter: boosters of miami's super bowl bid are counting on a vote of the florida legislature bring taxpayer funds to the table to help renovate miami stadium to compete with the brand-new 49ers stadium. but today the florida legislature killed that plan by adjourning for the year and taking no action. the florida legislature met for the last day of its session and it was high drama in tallahassee as lawmakers considered a bill to help renovate sun life stadium home of the miami dolphins. >> it's the 4th quarter. >> some would say it's the last minute of the game. >> we're on the final drive but, you know, we're not giving up. we're going to try to make that touchdown. >> reporter: former miami dolphins quarterback dan marino was seen behind the scenes at the florida legislature on thursday. it appeared to be a "hail mary" attempt by the dolphins to persuade a vote. they were trying to get $350 million to upgrade sun life stadium wh
noon. kpix 5 don is live for us. >> reporter: and for the night they seemed to have finished up their investigation at the crime scene, which is the home of leila fowler, but there are a lot of people out here as you suggested to me that they are worried that there is a killer on the loose. despite the fact that there is no precise prescription on the person that might -- description of the person that might have killed the girl. after learning that an 8-year- old girl had been killed in a house just down the road, he was taking precautions. >> i got up and looked underneath the house because it is three stories in the back. he could have been under the house. >> when did you do that? >> this morning. yeah. i went in and saw that the doors were opened up or add jarred or something like that. >> reporter: it was saturday when a 12-year-old boy entered the home to check on his 8-year- old sister according to police. as he enteredded, an intruder ran out and then the boy found his sister. >> she was suffering from some very serious severe injuries. >> reporter: the 8-year-old was s
close to the investigation tells kpix 5, he's a homicide suspect from oregon. the state police will not confirm it on the record. in the order of events, there was a homicide in oregon. he drives down here, car jacks a car. that car attempts another car jacking. he's arrested in the neighborhood nearby and when he was arrested he had several weapons on him and a whole lot of bullets, we're talking about six, 30 round magazines, several hundred bullets and a bullet proof vest. >> it sounds like the guy's not very with it. he's talking about columbine, he's also got some this interest in the boston marathon bombings. >> that's why his mother called police . apparently this is the direction towards the russian consulate. i guess he put it in his today together these suspects were from russian -- in his head he was from russian and they would give him asylum. thank you, so much. >>> in light of the boston marathon bombings, two weeks ago, organizers of beta breakers are running with some new security measures now. we learned today that they are banning backpacks from the event, and
>>> this is kpix5 news on the cw. >>> there is no good-byes. >> the family of a murdered child shares its anguish with their terrifying town. tonight, questions of whether an attempted child snatching just 50 miles away is connected. >>> a woman arrested for trying to plant poison juice at starbucks. how an alert customer likely saved lives. >>> and what decades of passing bart trains can do to public art. the cost to remove this mess. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. there could be a new lead in the case of an eight-year-old girl found stabbed to death. investigators asked for a dna sample from this man. jason is accused of trying to kidnap a placerville toddler this morning. detectives want to check for any possible connection to lala foil's murder 50 miles away. kpix5's kristen ayers is in valley springs tonight. kristen. >> reporter: yes, tonight this community is waiting for any word of any connection to this murder. they turned out at lala's elementary school in pink and purple. thousands of people wearing her favorite colors. the girl's family
>>> this is kpix5 news on the cw. >> firefighters get a handle on a grass fire in san jose before it burned homes and businesses. new evacuations are ordered in a fire that is raging out of control in southern california. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm ken bastida. firefighters are on the scene making sure that it doesn't flair up. and that is where kpix5 is standing by with a look at how close those flames got to some homes. sharon. >> reporter: 30-acre grass fire is 100% contained and it is at the site, fire crews will work through the night to mop up and bring it under control. no buildings burned. no major injuries. so there is relief tonight because it could have been worse. smoke and flames. the first sign something was wrong. eric rubio and his mother live nearby. they got worried and so did their neighbors. >> we came as soon as we could, but we were scared. >> i just saw the smoke coming out. i was like, wow. >> fire crews attacked the grass fire that broke just after 5:30 tonight near capital expressway south of east ridge mall. firefighters did not or
>>> this is kpix 5 news. >>> they've been searching more than 24 hours. still no sign of a man police say tried to abduct a two-year- old girl. good evening. i'm ann notarangelo. this is the face of the suspect wanted for that attempted kidnapping in pittsburg yesterday. police say he snatched a two- year-old girl from her front yard as her mother watched. it happened around 1:45 yesterday afternoon on snowflake way in pittsburg. the suspect dropped the child a few feet away and took off. police have been searching for the suspect ever since. >> reporter: the attempted child abduction, since then, pittsburg police have continued searching nonstop for the would- be kidnap -- kidnapper, and parents have been holding their children close. the man they're looking for is believed to have attempted to steal two-year-old by grabbing her and running off with her. the child was in the front yard with her mother, near raindrop circle and snowflake way. >> the mom gave chase and fortunately the person dropped the child, and unfortunately escaped, but at least he left the child behind. >>
evacuated and thousands of acres have already burned in fires raging throughout the state. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is following all the fires burning this morning, from our newsroom. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. firefighters are in for another busy day. today's warmer temperatures and high winds in parts of the state could prove to be another challenge for fire crews. this is video of a fire burning in southern california in riverside county. otherwise known as the summit fire in banning. the summit fire is 35% contained. crews were battling 30-mile-per- hour winds yesterday and they are expected to get stronger by this afternoon. one home has already been destroyed. hundreds more are evacuated. and one firefighter has been hurt. now, around here, the early fire season is off to a blazing start. we had three major fires in the bay area. the largest is the 125-acre yellow fire. one firefighter has been hurt. this fire badly damaged one home, but the good news is, no other homes are in its way. >> we heard a big crash. my wife heard the explosion. there was an orange glow a
. >>> this is kpix 5 news. >>> california burning, a fierce brush fire breaks out right in the middle of a bay area city. >> i just smelled the smoke come. >> while in shout earn california tonight, a monster wild fire almost the size of san francisco is reyesing towards thousands of homes. good evening, i'm ken. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. it's only mae 3rd, but from the looks of things today, it's going to be a very long summer. we have team coverage tonight beginning with sharon chen in san jose with how close flames got to homes. sharon. >> liz, a 30-acre grass tire is fully contained tonight, and crews are going to be working overnight to bring it under control. we do want to show you how close the fire got to car traffic. we're going to look at video here with flames burning right up the castle expressway. quite a close call there. it's only may 3 rdz, and firefighters already warden us to expect a long and dangerous fire season. this is the kind of fire we don't want to see this early in the year the billowing smoke and dancing flames the first signs something was
hundreds out of their homes some lost everything so far. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran tells us many. fires are burning in napa and sonoma counties. she joins us in our newsroom. cate. >> reporter: good morning, frank. firefighters across the state will be back out this morning and busy. today's high temperatures will not be doing them any favors and in some parts of the state, fire crews are hoping strong winds work in their favor especially in southern california where the summit fire in banning is still burning. temperatures are expected to climb to the 90s from our last update we know the summit fire is 35% contained. crews were battling 30-mile-per- hour winds yesterday and they are expected to get even stronger by this afternoon. one home has already been destroyed. hundreds were evacuated. and one firefighter has been hurt. neighbors in the area are struggling to deal with the damage. >> it looks like we are going to lose your house, i said, well, nothing i can do over here. i have duke. he's safe. i'm going to be one big crying little baby when the evening hits and i get off into my
the series in six games. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is at the oracle arena. it's known as. >> reporter: cle because the screaming fans clad in yellow probably all in bed now, cate. >> reporter: they had a great night i'm sure. especially after that game. it was a sold-out crowd here at roracle arena as you called it. i'm sure that excitement will continue this morning because next stop is san antonio. [ yelling ] >> reporter: gold confetti filled the air at oracle arena. fans were besides themselves as they celebrated the win to move the warriors to the second round. warriors fans say they always kept the up the faith. >> the game is beautiful. i had no doubt about it. warriors all the way. what do you think? >> awesome. >> awesome. >> reporter: all eyes were on point guard steph curry. sure, he had 7 turnovers but in the 3rd quarter he finished with 22 points, four three- pointers, and coach jackson says he couldn't be prouder. >> with steph, you know, when we were down in that first half, i pulled him aside and said there's going to be a point in this game where you're going to take
>>> this is kpix 5 news. >>> where in the world is demetrius storm? one of the bay area's most wanted fugitives strikes again and again. good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. cops say he's been all over the map, stealing cars at pretty much every stop. and he is now upping his game. >> reporter: the crime spree of the one of the bay area's most wanted men has gone on so long, it's hard to keep count. >> you are victim no. 30-something. >> reporter: troy walked out to his car this morning on huckleberry lane to find a thief had rifled through his glove box during the night, tried to steal the $700 stereo, but damaged it instead. >> you've got to wonder how many more people he's going to hit before they catch him. >> who knows how many more. >> reporter: they believe storm is at it again. they think he's been lurking streets of felton and boulder creek. he gets around by stealing and ditching cars. >> he's two steps ahead of us. he changes out vehicles like we would change our clothes. >> reporter: detectives say he takes random items from cars, tossing them n
encounte . >>> this is kpix 5 news. . >>> on a hunt for a child killer. the frightening encounter with another little girl that has cops wondering if they found their guy. gooevending, i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken. shortly before finding his little sister stabbed to death, leila fowler's brother saw a man running from their house in the foothills. investigators want to know if it could have bven this man. another mother says he tried to snatch her toddler right out of her arms just this morning. while detectives wait for a dna sample, kristen shows us a grieving community. >> thousands of people showed up here tonight for a vigil for leila, all of them waiting for answers, weight for an arrest. they came out wearing pink and purple. those were leila's favorite colors. for the first time since the murder, their family spoke publicly about their grief. >> weeping openly, leila fowler's family stepped on a stage and faced a crowd of thousands in this small town holding candles in remembrance of a little girl whose murder remains a mystery. >> i just want to thank the entire communi
. for the latest on the conditions, kpix 5 chief meteorologist paul deanno joining us now. >>> peeking on the internet and seeing some of the wind gusts, 25 to 30 miles per hour, is actually better than earlier today despite the fact you saw ann getting all blown all around there. winds are going down. check out the relative humidity. high fire danger when it's below 30%. right now 12% in san jose%, 9% humidity in concord. the fuel is dry and ripe for fires to spread rapidly. that's why for one more hour, but not like a switch gets turned off at 6:00, north and east bay hills, high fire danger that red flag warning in effect until 6:00. these are record highs for tomorrow. san jose 92. santa rosa 91. san francisco 86. and oakland 84 degrees. i think all four of those will get broken as we transition from high fire danger to very high temperatures. a heat advisory is issued for the entire bay area tomorrow as we will likely see 80s all the way to the coastline. details on how hot it will be in your town tomorrow how long the heat will last coming up in a few short minutes. >> thank you.
on kpix5. >>> the coast is clear. good evening, everyone, from the kpix weather center we have clear skies now and warm conditions but, the day the heat will be on right there, as the news continues right here on kpix5. ,, medications? i don't know. last immunization shots? really? honey, what's my blood pressure medicine called? one time i took something and i blew up like a puffer fish. i'm probably allergic to that.r medical information is available to you and your doctors. quickly. securely. no guesswork required. better information. better care. kaiserpermanente. thrive. i knew devry university would give me the skills that i needed to make one of those tech jobs mine. we teach cutting-edge engineering technology, computer information systems, networking and communications management -- the things that our students need to know in the world today. our country needs more college grads to help fill all the open technology jobs. to help meet that need, here at devry university, we're offering 4 million dollars in tech scholarships for qualified new students. learn more at
for the contra coa county fire district after recent neighborhood anytime on kpix dot-com. other bay area headlines... all lanes of northbound i-2 are now open following a de crash near daly city this morning. the driver of an s-u-v was killed after he swerved, and flipped several times. there were no other injuries. an elderly man is in critic condition after being attacd following a fender-bender ia san francisco parking lot. e assault happened yesterday evening in the bayview, near third street and wallace av. after the accident the suspt punched the 74-year old in the face...causing him to land his head. witnesses say the suspect fled the scene in a black car. a court hearing was held today... to set a sentencing date for a former santa cla county supervisor. george shirakawa resigned from offe last month... and as part oa plea agreement... admitted misusing public funds and campaign donations. he wille sentenced on june 7-th. a few years ago - he was paf an oakland raiders scandal. tonight - he has a scandal l oakland raiders scandal. tot - he has
>>> this is kpix 5 news. >> sense of security shattered. a small northern california town on edge after 8 year old girl is murdered. now the search for her killer. >> and to crack down at bart stations. what could get a rider banned. >> it was nice this weekend. now high pressure really bringing the heat today. we will talk about that coming up. >> and everything is looking great on this monday. we have areas of overnight road work in fremont. we'll show you where coming up. >> good morning. it's monday april 29th. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning, everyone. it is 5:01. i'm frank mallicoat. a man hunt is on for a child killer up in the sierra foothills. >> an 8 year old girl was stabbed in her home. cate is in the news room with more on what investigators are looking for. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. investigators will be conducting an autopsy on the young girl today as they continue the search for the suspect in this tragic case. 8 year old layla fowler was found stabbed saturday afternoon. her 12-year-old brother told police he was coming home to check on her whe
know what happened in 1989. its fate was decided in a few minutes. i'm ken bastida, kpix 5. >>> it's exactly the kind of trend you don't want in your neighborhood. the bay area community seeing an explosion of burglaries and who police think is responsible. >> these chemicals impact brain development and reproductive organ development. >> you try to protect your children from toxic products. but it isn't always easy. why california's own safety standards may not be the best guidelines for parents. >> at the top of the newscast we were talking about fire danger. there is no rainfall in the forecast for the weekend but things are changing dramatically as high pressure builds back in. we'll keep the sunshine but wait until you see where the temperatures are heading. think 90s. the forecast next. >> and you can't say you have nothing to do on this friday night. big-time basketball about to unfold in oakland. we're live at oracle arena ahead of game 3. ,,,,,, struck a deal with the cityn pension reform >>> they don't like it but the san jose police officers union has struck a deal with
smoke in the air right now. we start with lawrence karnow in the kpix 5 weather center with the latest. >> just walking outside this morning, you can smell some of the smoke out there and that's because of the fire now burning in the bay area. fire danger still running high. we're seeing pockets of some very gusty winds. wind advisory continuing here in the bay area with gusts up to 65 miles an hour mostly over the mountaintops and parts of the north and east bay the wind advisory in effect until 11 a.m. also the red flag warning very low humidities right now. less than 30%. so the winds continuing to gust outside. the fire danger is high. that red flag warning in effect until 6:00 in the evening. now, temperatures outside now very, very mild. you get the winds mixing these temperatures around and 70 degrees in santa rosa, 6 the san rafael and san francisco. a cool 46, though, in pacifica. i think by the afternoon, again these temperatures are going to start to heat up again. yesterday, well, not as warm. average temperatures usually in the 60s and 70s. by the afternoon
i'm elizabeth cook. paul sa- 's going to be so hot t . >>> this is kpix 5 news. >>> good evening, i'm ken. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. paul says it's going to be so hot tomorrow, there's a first heat advisory of the year. paul. >> yeah. this is early for that. tichically we get this later on in the month of mae or june, but right now we're talking about highs well into the 90s perhaps even right on san francisco bay. these are record highs for tomorrow, 92 san jose, santa rosa 91, san francisco 86, oakland 84. i'm confident each of those will be broken tomorrow. we may even get close to 90 in downtown san francisco so a heat advisory has been issued by the national weather service for all those record highs likely to be broken, big change, too, at the coast. you will be in the 80s tomorrow running about 15 to 25 degrees above average, and that fire weather alert, the red flag warning for extreme fire danger, that has been extended until lunchtime tomorrow for north bay hills and east bay hills. wait till you see how chilly we get in the extended forecast. that's coming up in a few mi
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